Wide Leg Trousers.

I have been SO busy with university that I have neglected my style posts, but now I’m back… YAY! Today I’m sharing my love for the new favourite piece in my wardrobe, my River Island Palazzo/Wide Leg trousers…

As the 70’s trend has taken the high street by storm, I wanted to experiment with the wide leg but not look like I belong in the Bee Gees… no offence to them.

You cannot go wrong with the vertical stripe especially in navy & white. I felt like my frame was elongated and felt super cool! To make it relaxed yet chic, I decided to pair them with a black long sleeved crop top and black sandals. Wide leg trousers are really something any shape can pull off, they’re baggy so you don’t have to feel conscious, they make you look super tall and well they look pretty amazing! With a statement piece, it’s key to keep the rest of the look simple.

Have a look in the shops as River Island, Topshop, H&M and more have got amazing trousers out there to suit your taste and needs! IMG_7976 IMG_7988 IMG_7990 IMG_7995 IMG_8034 IMG_8063 IMG_8066 IMG_8071 IMG_8072


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