Detox Teatox 

I’m sure you would have never have guessed I love tea…


Well, I thought I would try the new teatox craze from SlimCha and its Detox tea formula. I fell in love with the branding of SlimCha but most importantly favoured them over any other teatox brand because they use 100% natural ingredients and no laxatives. I think this is SO crucial when starting a teatox, that you check there are no bad chemicals entering your body.
I did not stick to the strict regime of 2 cups a day, but did have 1 a day in the afternoon. It made me feel refreshed and clean and I really felt it flushed out all of my toxins. If you’re one that suffers with post-meal bloating, I REALLY recommend the detox teatox.
Try SlimCha today as they have an amazing range of teatoxes that suit your specific needs! I am definitely going to try the Skin Glow next!
Buy yours here:

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  1. itsallaboutsonia says:

    oh update me on how it goes and will deffo have to try.

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