The Ultimate City Pilates 

As a city girl, finding the perfect place to workout  in a relaxed environment is tricky! I have always wanted to try a Pilates class and I couldn’t have found a better one that my lovely friend Jessica recommended. In a small studio by Baker Street, bePilates is the perfect space offering small group classes of those wanting to specialise in many forms of Pilates.

IMG_6248 IMG_6250

On Tuesday morning I was taught by the wonderful Emma, a Pilates goddess! She was extremely detailed about all the different techniques whilst using the reformer machine … which was amazing! She really made me feel at ease and not like a frightened beginner. The detail she went into, of how different movements benefited your body, is something you want in a class; to be told how it benefits you not just what to do.
If you’re looking for a Pilates class that is informative, calm and with an instructor that really focuses and helps you, then bePilates is the place to go and Emma is the instructor you want!  I am not one for meditation or relaxation Yoga, therefore this class offers excellent fitness techniques that tones and stretches your body and also helps you to straighten your spine. I love bePilates specialty in small group classes as it really encourages the development of Pilates learning and also adds a personal touch.
IMG_6261 IMG_6260
The day after the class I felt rejuvenated and had the ‘good kind’ of body ache after a fantastic workout! I thoroughly enjoyed my first reformer class and it has made me want to begin Pilates properly!
Find out more about bePilates here:

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