Contouring with Kiran!



I have always experimented with many beauty products on how to create the perfect contoured look! I’m not one to smother myself in foundation, but still wanted the natural highlights on my cheeks… so I called in a professional! The lovely Kiran, founder of Rouge Makeup, is one of the top Asian Bridal Hair and Makeup artists in the South East area. (She produced my lovely hairstyles you may have seen in previous blog shoots)!

Kiran began with creating a base that was slightly lighter than my natural colour, using Kryolan. She then highlighted certain areas with the amazing Anastasia Beauty Contour Palette. I must admit, I was extremely shocked at how harsh the highlights were but once blended in and set with powder by Mac I did feel a bit like a Kardashian (if only)! She completed the look with gel liner and a baby pink lip.

I would personally only contour on a special occasion as I am not fond of the heaviness of the layers of foundation. However, it does give you a beautiful glow and gives a bit more colouring to your basic foundation!

If you’re looking for an amazing hair and makeup artist for a future wedding, contact Kiran today! She is talented, calm and creative and will make sure you achieve your dream bridal look…


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