Denia Kazakou

The beautiful Denia is quite simply a Greek Goddess! As soon as I met her, I was in awe of her confidence, style and inspired by her work ethic. Her passion for art has lead to great success for her PR agency RedD, but also built her a strong network of acquaintances and friends.

Before Denia started her PR agency, she began studying BioMedical Sciences at Royal Holloway University but stopped as it was not the career for her. After working as a Brand Specialist at Gant, she studied Fine Art at UEL and met extremely useful contacts that lead her into the world of PR. Her dedication and hard work encouraged her to register her own agency in her final year of studying after she interned with an inspirational woman in the Art world. After working at an Art Dealership in London and interning with a very successful photographer she met at the National Portrait Gallery, her strong PR skills developed into the agency she runs today.


I asked Denia how she would describe herself in 3 words, she replied, ‘Crazy, Creative and Chilled.’ Her craziness is admirable as she shared the most interesting and entertaining stories! Her confidence has lead her to network at events with Musicians and Fashionistas, building her contact list and making fabulous friends along the way. She is super creative, from the way she dresses in high-street and high-end designers with the most beautiful scarf designed by Tony Common. Her style defines her as a woman; sophisticated, super chic and creative!


Denia has been really successful in the 2 years she has had RedD PR, when hosting a challenging yet triumphant R.O.T.H exhibition on Park Lane and also working on the PR for exhibitions at the Lacey Contemporary Gallery such as Wanderlust currently showing (ends on the 14th February). The space is hidden in the beautiful streets of London and is perfect to showcase a range of paintings and sculptures. Denia hopes that one day her business will grow so she will be able to have offices and studios in her beloved cities such as London, New York Berlin, Greece and many more!


With many exciting projects ahead, the busy Denia carries herself with poise through her work and manages to still create her own pieces of artwork. She shares her exciting tales on her blog as well as always uploading beautiful photos of events, her great sense of style and her fascinating day-to-day life! She is definitely an amazing, unique and admirable woman to follow and now a lovely friend of mine!


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