Argan Moroccan Oil

I have experimented with many products over the past couple of years to turn my dry hair into glossy locks. I can honestly say that using this Argan Oil has saved my hair for the long term rather than a quick fix trick!

For around £6 you can buy a bottle of this oil from Boots and it can last you for up to 6-7 months. So worth the money and I will explain why now…
After using hair dryers, straighteners and curlers for such a long period of time my ends have become dry and damaged. I then started using Argan oil religiously for around 3 weeks; a pea sized amount rubbed on your ends on towel dried hair before you blow dry. The results were amazing!!! I could instantly tell my hair was rejuvenated and saved.

After the 3 weeks I cut down to only using it twice a week when washing my hair and after 4 months just once a week. First of all the bottle has still lasted me all this time and is half full! The results have been incredible and even from photographs I can see that my hair quality has improved a lot.

You’re probably wondering, because it is an oil product that my hair has become greasy. Well not at all! The trick is to stick to the ends of your hair that are dry and not to go near your roots.

If you’re suffering from dry hair or just want that extra shine, invest in this amazing product!



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Zoe says:

    £6 is good! My moroccan oil costs about £30 but lasts for such a long time. Zoe xx

    1. Oh no! Its much cheaper and still works wonders! X

      1. Zoe says:

        Im def going to check this one out. 😄 I’ve heard coconut oil is good too which is relitivly inexpensive, have you heard anything about this? Zoe xx

      2. Yes! I have used that before! Great for helping to grow your hair however does make it quite greasy. All depends on whether it suits your hair type or not xxx

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