MaxFactor Primer.

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All us girls that wear foundation have the worry of it sweating off our faces in the heat. Well fear not ladies as I have found a fabulous primer at a great price and great quality. The MaxFactor Primer will not break the bank but is one for the make up bags especially for the big days coming up such as weddings or a special evening out. If you want the 24 hour coverage then you must invest in this product.

I have tried it in two ways…firstly, just applying to the eyelids when using eyeshadows and secondly, the full face under the foundation. You do not need a huge amount, just a light coating spread evenly so your foundation holds well. I have sensitive skin, so I know for a fact when I find a good product that works for my skin type it will work for most people! It really held my eyeshadows on well, especially as I used neutral colours. Furthermore, when applied before my foundation it did not make my skin look oily or patchy, but really helped with an even coverage and natural glow.

I spoke to the lovely beauty advisor at Boots when she was telling me this and she said she has used it on so many brides, they have never complained and have looked radiant throughout the whole day. So if you are attending a wedding, or just want a primer that will help hold your foundation then invest in this now…it will last you a very long time!

Sonia x


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